Tuesday, February 9, 2010


SHORTIES are HOTTIES? - boy fak girl

1. At age 16 to 18, she is like Africa, virgin and unexplored. Between the ages of 19 and 35, is like Asia, hot and exotic. At age 36 to 45 years, like America, fully exploited, of striking beauty and freedom, with its resources. At age 46 to 56 as Europe is exhausted, but still points of interest. After 56, she is like Australia, everybody knows that it is there, but who cares.

2. Was column on this page correctly
And every time I wore this skirt
The children could see her thighs

Mary had another skirt
It was shortly before the opening
But she never wore that one!

3. Spaz had a seizure in the shower the other day. Was not all bad though - think half of Britain, they have talent.

4. A man enters a library and a book order on suicide.

The librarian said: "Fak off, it will not again."

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